Spar 32W 5Y

Track light Spar 32W

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The new range of SPAR track lights promises to innovate the technical lighting of retail stores. This new product collection is made up of more efficient track lights than others in the market, with much higher colour rendering indexes (CRI) or with transformed and adjusted chips, used to light specific locations such as markets, bakeries, restaurants, butcheries or fish markets. This range of products, when installed in the right location, highlight the features of the products and, therefore, help to stimulate the goods acquisition.


These track lights with 32W, have a higher luminous efficiency than the previous versions, with chips that can reach 149 lumens per watt. These luminaires are suitable for lighting any retail store due to the fact that, besides being efficient, they are very powerful and can be oriented to light the products which need to be highlighted.


This   group   consists   of   products   with   extremely high  CRI.  These  chips, which  can  reach  a  CRI  of  98, are  ideal  to  illuminate  stores  that  need  a  correct highlighting and differentiation of the product colours such as apparel stores, shoe shops, car dealerships, museums   and   art   galleries.   In   these   places   the luminaire’s  CRI  assumes  a  greater  relevance,  since this technical feature is essential for the product to be correctly perceived by customers.


The SPAR Gold chip emits a warm and bright light, ideal for highlighting the colours of the different products in the jewelry stores. The GOLD+ chip emits light with a light brown hue and aims to highlight the products sold in bakeries, giving them an oven-fresh and delicious look. While the SPAR Fresh Meat chip highlights the red meat, giving it a fresh and appetizing look, SPAR Meat+ highlights the whiter flesh colours. This latest track light can also be installed in restaurants or grills, because its chip also gives a tasty look to the cooked food. The SPAR Fish is suitable for fish markets, fishing docks or supermarkets. This chip highlights the blue colour of the products, giving a fresh aspect to the fish, which is the characteristic most appreciated by the customer.

CRI: >80
Luminous Flux: 4776 lm
Luminous efficiency: 149 lm/W
Beam angle: 90°
Led type: COB
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP40
Insulation Class: I
Regulation options: ON/OFF
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Direction angle: 90° / 355º
Diameter: 83 mm
Height: 188 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle CCT Regulation mode